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Conferences and Meetings – 2019!

Each year we participate in various conferences and meetings all over the world in the hopes of sharing information and bridging communication gaps, forming new relationships with clients, and both broadening and strengthening relations with our current client-base.

Below please find our running list of events we will participate in for 2019! If you will be attending any of these conferences and/or meetings and would like to meet with our global team, we welcome you to make an appointment with us using the form below.

We look forward to meeting you!

To arrange a meeting at one of these conferences, please click here.

February 2019

February 19-21 Washington DC, USA

March 2019

Bio Asia International Conference
March 5-6 Tokyo, Japan

April 2019

April 1-4 Las Vegas, USA

April 17-19 Seoul, Korea

May 2019

ChinaBio Partnering Forum
May 8-9 Shanghai, China

OCT Europe
May 14-15 Milan, Italy

June 2019

June 5-7 Sitges, Spain

September 2019

Biopharm America
September 11-12 Boston, USA

Biotech in Europe Forum
September 25-26 Basel, Switzerland

November 2019

Bio Europe
November 11-13 Hamburg, Germany